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Bereaved Adult Counselling Personal Agreement

Face to Face or Remote

Your counselling can be carried out face to face at our office or if you cannot access or our office then your counselling will be carried out remotely using video conferencing or telephone.

Number and duration of individual sessions

We do not offer a set number of sessions as each parent’s counselling needs are different. Your counsellor will review your progress every 6 or 8 sessions, to ensure that the counselling is continuing to be effective. Each session will start at your allocated time and last for 1 hour. If you arrive late to a session, whether that is face to face or remotely, the session will still finish at the normal time as another family member maybe waiting.

Appointment and Cancellation policy

Appointments will be made at the end of each counselling session or via telephone/e-mail. We will endeavour to send a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment, however it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your appointment. If you fail to attend an appointment without notifying us, we will try to contact you to re-book and to see if there are any issues that may be affecting your ability to attend. If we are unable to make contact within one week, the counselling will end. If more than two counselling sessions are cancelled within a block of six sessions, the counselling will be reviewed and possibly ended.


The counsellors at Love, Jasmine adhere to the BACP Ethical framework and. All information you provide is confidential and will not be shared with third parties, except in exceptional circumstances, which are: –

  1. If we concerned that you are at risk of harming yourself or another person (including children)
  2. If we believe a child or protected adult is at risk of harm or abuse
  3. If the courts instruct us to give information
  4. If you share information about a proposed act of terrorism or another illegal act

With regards to point one, the counsellor will discuss contacting your GP and/or next of kin during the counselling appointment if this is necessary. The counsellor will not collect written permission to contact the GP or next of kin, and in some circumstances, maybe required to call 999/111 or the adult safeguarding team.

Where applicable and with your full knowledge, Love, Jasmine may liaise with other organisations and individuals with respect to your well-being such as any assigned Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) to ensure that the support you are receiving is suitable and appropriate.

Counselling Records

During the counselling process, anonymous case notes will be made describing any themes of the session. You can see these notes at any time, and they will be present in all sessions. Anonymous case notes will be kept for 5 years as a legal requirement.

Supervision of Counsellor’s work

For best practise, all counsellors at Love Jasmine attend regular, monthly supervision. Supervisors are not part of Love Jasmine and confidentiality boundaries are maintained in accordance with the BACP ethical framework. Supervision allows for consultation with an appropriately qualified counsellor about the therapeutic work and ethical standards. No personal information is shared, or identity disclosed.

As an organisation, we hold quarterly peer supervision sessions. These supervision sessions allow for peer to peer support and the sharing of good practise. It also allows for caseloads to be shared should a counsellor no longer be able to work at short notice.

Ending your counselling

You can end your counselling whenever you feel ready, and you can do this by informing your counsellor during a session, or by contacting the office.

Limitations to counselling

At our discretion, a counselling session may be stopped if the counsellor believes that you may be under the undue influence of drugs (prescribed or otherwise) and/or alcohol and your ability to participate fully in the counselling session has been affected. Also, if you been prescribed medication to help you with any diagnosed mental health condition and you have not taken the medication as prescribed and the counsellor feels this has affected your ability to actively take part in the session, then the session may also be ended. It is your responsibility to inform the counsellor of any changes to medication or health.

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