Guided Relaxations


Guided Relaxations

Worry Balloons – Guide children to imagine that their tummy is a balloon. As they breathe in they fill their ‘balloon’ up as they breath out their balloon deflates. Get them to do this a couple of times. Then, on their next inhale ask them to imagine filling their balloon with any worries/fears and then as they exhale they watch the balloon fly away into the night sky. Guide them to watch the balloons get further and further away.

Friendly Wishes – Guide your children to send friendly wishes to themselves. Guide them to imagine feeling happy and smiley, ask them to think of things that make them happy; playing with friends, doing an activity they like, giving someone a hug etc. Then ask them to repeat phrases such as ‘May I be happy’, ‘May I be healthy and strong’, ‘May I feel safe’, ‘May I feel loved’ etc. Guide them to imagine these friendly wishes and happy feelings fill their whole body with a happy, warm colour that covers their whole body and room. They can even send friendly wishes to other people or the world.

Cloud Visualisation – Imagine lying on a soft, fluffy cloud. Ask them to take a few deep breaths. As they do this they feel the cloud swaying gently backwards and forwards. As they continue to breath the cloud floats up into the night and into the twinkly golden stars. They are completely safe, relaxed and calm. The golden stars twinkle and shine and surround them with a protective golden light. they can reach out and take a star to keep it in their pocket. The cloud then floats back to ground. They take a few more breaths and on the last exhale the cloud pulls out from beneth them and floats away, taking with it any worries or fears.



Meditating can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress and aid sleep. We can support families with a range of mediation techniques.

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We can provide families with a number of guided relaxation techniques and resources.

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Apps to try

Useful apps to try – Meditating can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress and aid sleep.

Headspace – Breath, sleep, focus & relax

Buddhify – Meditation for calm & sleep

Insight timer – Meditation for anxiety & sleep

Stop, Breath, Think – Meditation and mindfulness to help you build the emotional strength and confidence to handle life’s up and downs.

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